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One thing you quickly find about the Internet is that there are lots of other folks out there with similar interests.  Listed below, in no particular order, are Mirage related links that you may find of interest or use yourself.  Perhaps you'll be inspired to create your own Mirage aircraft after visiting some of these.  Sites that seem to be down are marked with a Strike-Through.
If you are administering a webpage or website and want to link to the Mirage4FS website, we encourage that, however, we prefer if you link to our index page: and not to underlying pages.

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Military Aviation (Reference) Links

Site Dassault Aviation
Home page of Dassault Aviation, creators of the Mirage aircraft.  They even have a link to this website.

History of Dassault Aviation
Abstract of the history of Dassault Aviation from their webite.

Nick Challoner's AirSpeed
This site is filled with photographs taken at airshows and airfields over the past few years.  More are added on a regular basis.

Scramble on Internet
The official website of the Dutch Aviation Society.  The pages are updated on a regular basis.

AirVectors: Dassault Combat Jets
Greg Goebel's excellent military aviation history pages.  This set of documents provides a survey of the Dassault combat jets.

AIRcraft PICtures
Aircraft photos by Christoph Kugler.  Covers much of Europe with emphasis on Swiss Air Force.

Musee Europeen de l'Aviation de Chasse
An open air museum located at the airfield Ancone of Montelimar.

Fighter and Reconnaissance Escadrilles
Escadrilles of the Armée de l'Air currently in service, with histories, badges and photographs of the aircraft.

Israel Air Force Enthusiasts
This is the place to start for research on Israeli Air Force aircraft and history.

Indian Air Force - Dassault Mirage 2000H
Page of Mirage 2000Hs from the Indian Air Force [IAF] website.

Musee de l'Air et de l'Espace
Images of the aircraft on display at the Air and Space Museum at Le Bourget, France.

L'Armee De L'Air
Official French Armee De L'Air website

RAAF Mirage IIID/O Fighters
Mirage enthusiast, Peter Roberts', Photos of Australia's Mirage IIIO and IIID Fighter Aircraft - 75Sqn, 76Sqn, and 77Sqn.

Conservatory of the Air and the Space of Aquitaine
Website of the Conservatory of the Air and the Space of Aquitaine.  This is a great resource site.

f4 Aviation
Aviation webzine of features, articles and photographs.  Check out the "Hangar" articles.

La page de SKYFLYER
Technical information and images on the Mirage 2000 and Rafale.

Musee Delta Athis Paray Aviation
French language website of museum dedicated to primarily delta winged aircraft.  Good Mirage section.

Information on the current equipment and organisation of each of the NATO and Non-aligned European air forces.

Ailes Anciennes Toulouse
Homepage of an aircraft restoration group.  Extensive collection includes Mirage IIIC.
An online encyclopedia of military aircraft.  Good coverage of the Mirage series.

French Fleet Air Arm
Excellent background information and image collection on Rafale M and Entendard.

Association Delta Reflex
An spotters association of French military aviation enthusiasts.

Ex-RAAF Mirages in Pakistan Air Force Service
A photo essay on ex-Australian Mirages now in service with the Pakistan Air Force.

Mirage-jet Home
Informative site dedicated to all varients of the Mirage 2000.

Dean's Unofficial SAAF Web Site
All the latest news, Orbat, aircraft, bases, history of the SAAF and it's squadrons, and much more!

FAV Club
FAV Club is the site of Venezuelan Air Force fans.  It includes many photos and drawings on the FAV Mirage III and V.

An association that does a great job of providing information about aviation books.  French language site, includes ability to order books.

Mirage Cockpit
This site will document the construction of a simulator cockpit for a F1 Mirage.  Previous project was a Mirage III cockpit.  Very good reference.
Profiles, models, and articles of French Air Force aircraft.
Profiles with different camouflage or special paints of French Air Force aircraft.

The Owl's Nest
Martin Gossmann's site where he publishes a reference list of +800 military aircraft.  He also provides overviews of military AI packages, and step-by-step instructions to use the MAIW FS2004 AI packages with FSX.

The Mirage IIIB/C in Argentina
Two-part article on the 22 Mirage IIIB/C aircraft of the Argentina Air Force that replaced those lost during the South Atlantic conflict.

Traditions des escadrilles de l'Armée de l'air
This site provides history and insignia of all flying units of the Armée de l'air (squadrons, groups, squadrons, regiments, squadrons) from 1912 until today.

Everything from A to Z on the Rafale (or almost).  Pictures, publications, articles, press and news.

Free access aeronautical magazine.  Reports and stories on aviation and French Wings.

Rafale: The omnirole fighter
Know everything (or almost) about the omnirole combat aircraft of Dassault Aviation.  "More than 200 contributors and 6000 photos."

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Flight Simulation Links
One of the oldest and most extensive Flight Simulator portals

Avsim Online
One of the main Flight Simulator portals

A great download site.  No login required.  All downloads include thumbnails.  Fast servers.
One of the premier French language flight sim sites.  Originally for FS; now specifically "Fly!".

RB Design
A flightsim website specializing in the Swedish Air Force.  Includes aircraft, scenery, AI traffic, and more.

Freeware Scenery List
Links to freeware scenery files for FS2004 and FSX.

Flight Simulator X France sceneries
Collection of links to sceneries.  Updated often and grouped by area inside/outside France.  Also has an FS2004 page and Payware page.

Fly Away Simulation
"The most complete flight simulator website".  Features flight simulator downloads, news and add-ons for Microsoft Flight, FSX, FS2004 and X-Plane.

French language website for French and FAF related scenery.

French language website of team of very well known and capable FS development team.

Approches Finales
Approach charts for the main French civilian airports.  Somewhere to fly to for the weekend.

Helix Flight Simulator
No Mirage aircraft but plenty of scenery files for Spain, Portugal, islands and N.W. Africa.  En Espanol.

Royal French Navy Design Group
Royale French Navy - Website for naval operations on carriers with FSX Acceleration.  Home of RFN Creations

Eric Marciano's FS World
The website of Eric Marciano.  Describes his many gauge and panel projects including the Mirage 4000.

Virtual Cors'Air
Website by Gerard Finaltori.  Great source of aircraft and scenery for Island of Corsica.

Cocardes du monde entier - Roundels of the world
For repainters, modern roundels of the Air Forces of the world.  A great resource.

Virtuel Air Alsace
Virtuel Air Alsace offers many flights to virtual pilots in the eastern area of France, Alsace.  Also in Alsace is Colmar-Meyenheim AB (LFSC) where Mirage F1CTs fly.

Virtual European Air Force
The Virtual European Air Force is an association of flight simulator pilots from France and Belgium having an interest in the practice of combat simulation. 

Flight Simulator Argentina
A website dedicated to Argentina aircraft and scenery for FS2004 and FSX.  A great source of Fuerza Aerea Argentina aircraft and scenery.

Military AI Works
An international group of flightsim enthusiasts who share a goal of seeing realistic military AI traffic in MS Flightsim.

Ray Parker Repaints
Repaints for AI aircraft.  Includes the Nick Black AI Mirage F1.

The Owl's Nest
Martin Gossmann provides step-by-step instructions to use the MAIW FS2004 AI packages with FSX.

Sharko Fox Virtuels
A virtual recreation of the Sharko Fox flight demonstration team of EC 1/5 'Vendée'.

Updated Mirage 4000 by Romain Lucas and Eric Marciano for FSX with updated panel featuring many new features.

Rooster's Paint Factory
Blogspot for announcements and distribution of repaint projects by Jonathan "Rooster" Hilaire.

MSFS Gateway
The MSFS Gateway contains links to more than 500 web sites offering aircraft, panels, scenery and other add-ons and downloads for Microsoft Flight Simulator.  It is regularly maintained and updated.

Ambolten Av Mjolnir
Blog of Bruno "Thor's Hammer" Merelle tracking development of his FSX Rafale M and future projects.

Creating FSX scenery addons of French AF subjects with photorealistic ground coverings, custom buildings and custom static aircraft.  Forum and product list.

Rafale VPA
A Rafale project for FS9.  Starting with the Rafale C and then the Rafale B trainer with plans for the Aeronavalle Rafale M to follow.

Isra's Domain
Beat Schaffner's website for all of his flight simulator aircraft and panels.  And to display his collection of Swiss Air Force aircraft cockpit and walkaround photos including the Mirage IIIS and IIIRS.  He has also made available his scenery for FS2004 and FSX of Swiss Air Force bases.

Metal 2 Mesh
A group of developers from Canada and the USA.  Their first project is the Mirage 2000C.

Rikoooo Simulations
Rikoooo is a free site for all, reliable & simple, which includes quality downloads & services related to the avionics simulation recreational or professional.

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Scale Model Aircraft Links

A French language site with many well illustrated articles. 

Aircraft Resource Center
A great reference site with photo Gallery articles on all Mirage variants and Rafale.  Plus several Mirage walkarounds.

Kinetic Mirage IIIE
Kit review of Kinetic's Mirage IIIE in Fine Scale Modeler

Fine Scale Modeler
FINESCALE MODELER Magazine's web site.

Modeling Madness
One of the finest review sites on the web!.

HyperScale - an on-line magazine for Scale Modellers
This is a very thorough site with reviews, feature articles, and many galleries.  The models displayed are all top contest quality.

TomToms Aviation and Scale Model Resources
Picture specials from aviation events, aircraft walkarounds, scale model resources, aviation and scale model links.

The Internet Modeler
A monthly e-zine devoted to scale modeling of all sorts.  Hours of entertainment, inspiration, and resources.

Eagle Designs Models Gallery
Check out the Models Gallery link for modern Israeli aircraft from resin conversions and accessories.

The Modelling News
Build up of Kitty Hawk's Mirage F-1B.

Well, that's a start.  Apprécient.

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Suggestions for Additional Links (or files locations)

If you have a suggestion for a Mirage related website link send me an or use the form below.  If you have a suggestion, a question, or a comment about of a Mirage aircraft, panel, or scenery file (or just want to say hello) please email me as well.
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