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30 December 2002 - This will most likely be the last update of the year.  Ernest Laverdure of France (you may recall he gave us the very good Mirage 2000 weapons for CFS2 this past September) has released a new instrument panel for the Mirage 2000.  The background is a very clear image.  The radar system is that of Eric Marciano designed for the Mirage 4000.  Instructions are also included for enabling a "Moving Map" display.

24 December 2002 -

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I have this week off for the Holidays so I'm going to take a break and spend the time with my family.  Maybe I'll work on that Solenzara scenery or repaint some Armée de l'Air Mirage F1Cs as well.  May you and your loved ones enjoy the True Meaning of Christmas.  Let's all give thanks for what we have and pray for a peaceful year in 2003.

18 December 2002 - Cyril Pioffet has ingeniously added an afterburner visual effect to his Rafale using FX files.  The result is pretty realistic looking.  Also included in the update are wingtip vapor effects similar to those used in the Mirage 4000 released by Romain Lucas and Eric Marciano this past summer.  You can download this effects update, and the latest versions of those updates mentioned last week, from Cyril's website.

With Cyril's permission, I have made this afterburner effect available for the Mirage 4000 released earlier by Romain Lucas.  As you may recall from Romain's description in my preview, a visual afterburner effect could not be reproduced using GMax.  Here now is a working alternative.

12 December 2002 - Cyril Pioffet has made a couple of updates to his Rafale.  The first corrects a problem with the 3D Virtual Cockpit instrument panel going black as you zoom back, and the second update (an *.AIR file edit by Benoit M. Dubé of Québec) makes the Rafale M compatible with Arrestor Cable [see May 16 below for full information].  You can get these and future Rafale updates here.

7 December 2002 - Cyril Pioffet has released his new Rafale designed using GMax.  Included in the package are three (actually five -- read my review) aircraft, a new panel, and a complete sound set.  This is a very nicely made aircraft a with a lot of detail included.

2 December 2002 - As promised in my annual review last week, I will be posting the images of Mirage aircraft that folks have sent me.  Here now are a series of images from Jason Ashworth of aircraft on display at the South Africa Air Force Museum in Pretoria.  Several Mirage and Cheetah are included.

Cyril Pioffet expects to release his new Rafale in about a week.  Included with be the all black Rafale C01 (perhaps also two-tone gray?), a prototype in Company colors, and a Rafale M in overall gray Marine colors.  The latest pre-release images are available here.

This past week J.R. Lucariny of Brazil released a new Mirage 2000 for FS2002.  This new aircraft model is painted in fictitious Força Aérea Brasileira markings.  Brazil does not operate the Mirage 2000.  The download file includes an instrument panel.

28 November 2002 - If you live in the USA, today is Thanksgiving Day.  Enjoy the day off.  Today also marks the third anniversary of this website.  As you can see below, a lot has happened this year.  Please take a few moments to read my review of the past year.

21 November 2002 - Cyril Pioffet wrote to say he has added additional paint schemes and versions to his upcoming Rafale project with screen shots to match.  Have a look here and here.  If you read French you should also check out the forums at and  Cyril has also included Eric Marciano's interception radar in the 3D panel.

Earlier this year Jason Ashworth of South Africa sent me a new version of his Mirage IIIEZ.  As before it wears the camouflage colors of his home country but is now armed with a pair of Dassault/Matra JL100 rocket launcher/fuel tanks.  I have converted the visual model and textures for use in CFS2 and have created a DP file so that the cannon and rockets (by Martin Wright) can be fired.

13 November 2002 - I almost forgot.  The election is over and my candidate won.  Yeah!  More news for Rafale fans.  Alexandre Cadel sent me a note the other day telling me about a new Rafale C01 being built.  The designer is Cyril Pioffet of France.  The aircraft is being built using GMax and will include a 3D cockpit.  Screen shots are available here.  Cyril Pioffet also has a Super Etendard and a Mirage 2000 in the works.

9 November 2002 - Nick Delhanidis, a graphic designer from Greece, has been working on a fictional Hellenic Air Force display team consisting of a foursome of Mirage F1CGs.  The work is now complete (except for a follow-on cockpit Nick plans to build) and he has made the four ship formation available.  The aircraft used for the team is Kirk Olsson's original FS2000 Mirage F1.  You can view a gallery of screen shots here.

4 November 2002 - I've been busy helping a friend with their political campaign.  Win or lose, it's finally over tomorrow.  In the meantime, all you repainters should have a look at this article that includes a series of Rafale paint schemes featured at  This is a great website to check out -- lots of articles, galleries, and walkarounds.  The tools needed to start your own repaint are available under the link "Map files" on Oxyd's website.  Of course with a little more work you can apply these schemes to any of the the other Rafale by Marc Siméon, Christophe Rosenmann, and Scott Kiefer.  Just remember to get their permission before releasing.

30 October 2002 - Bernhard Behle of Germany has released a new set of repaints for the Denis and Daniel da Silva Oliveria IAI Kfir C2.  Included are three texture sets; one camouflage set for the Fuerza Aérea Colombia, and two (one is a jungle scheme camouflage and the second is low visibility gray) for the Fuerza Aérea Ecuador.  As before, the download includes only textures.  You will need the file and you will need to modify the aircraft.cfg file (see 11 October below for an example).

The very tired looking desert camouflage Mirage 4000 that stood outside the Musée de l'Air et de l'Espace at Bourget Airport has been restored and repainted in the original red, white, and blue Super Mirage 4000 demonstrator colors it wore in the early 1980s.  The restored aircraft was exhibited on October 7th.

25 October 2002 - Barry Magann has repainted the Mirage III0 of Jason Ashworth in the colors of 75 Squadron of the Royal Australian Air Force.  This one is in a two-tone green/gray camouflage pattern.

17 October 2002 - Pat Grange has released a new panel for the Mirage.  The panel uses bitmaps from Mirage panel photos as a background and works with FS2000 and CFS2.  It includes gauges more likely found on a modernized Mirage.

11 October 2002 - Two new repaint packages this week.  Alexandru Bucur has repainted the Mirage IIIE of Jason Ashworth in the somewhat fictitious markings of Armée de l'Air, l'Escadron de Chasse 1/2 "Cigognes", as it appeared in the 1960's Tanguy and Laverdure bande dessine (comic strip).

Chris Coarse (Cygnus AeroWorks) brought to my attention a trio of Kfir repaints by Bernhard Behle of Germany.  These are for the Denis and Daniel da Silva Oliveria IAI Kfir C2.  The colors and markings are very fictitious but Bernhard had done a nice job and they look good in flight.  The download includes only textures.  You will need the file and you will need to modify the aircraft.cfg file (or use this one).

6 October 2002 - As part of their efforts to update inventory as newer models are released, Phil Perrot of Alpha Simulations has decided to make their original Mirage IIIB-RV available as freeware.  It seems like only yesterday that I was providing technical assistance on this one.  Read my review from December 2000 and then head over to the Freeware Downloads page at Alphasim.

29 September 2002 - I've been having hardware problems so I haven't been able to test any new aircraft this week.  If you like watching the Mirage in flight and use FS2002 you should try this add-on by Andy Newman and Serge Baye.  It is called Active Camera and enables a "fly by" view.  It's very cool.

21 September 2002 - Jens-Ole Kjølberg of Norway has repainted the Mirage 5BR by Denis and Daniel da Silva Oliveria as a new Mirage IIIR2Z in the markings of the South Africa Air Force.  The file set includes a much improved flight dynamics file borrowed from Jason Ashworth's Mirage IIIEZ.

15 September 2002 - Earlier in the year Jason Ashworth made several variations of his Mirage III at the request of folks wanting to repaint it as a specific version.  One of those has recently been released.  Daniel Leahy of Australia has released a Mirage III0 painted in the markings of 76 Squadron of the Royal Australian Air Force.  Pay a visit to the "" website for more Australian military aircraft and scenery files.

Denis and Daniel da Silva Oliveria have released a couple of upgrades and corrections for their Mirage aircraft. alters the exhaust effect in FS2000/FS2002, and does the same in CFS2 (includes the DP file to call the new file).

11 September 2002 - In memory of those lost on September 11, 2001.  We will never forget!

7 September 2002 - With less than 2 months to go before CFS3 is released (and we are again restricted to a WWII Europe era game) the CFS2 folks are starting to release more and more modern aircraft and weapons.

Chuck Dyer has released a second Mirage by Denis and Daniel da Silva Oliveira with weapons added.  This one is the Mirage IIIDBR two-seater.  The weapons load is similar to his Mirage IIIEBR mentioned below.

For Mirage 2000 fans, Ernest Laverdure of France has released CFS2 versions of both the unarmed single and two-seat Mirage 2000 by Oxyd/Denis and Daniel da Silva Oliveira.  Weapons included are the AM39 Exocet, AS30L, ASMP nuke, BGL1000 smartbomb, Matra Super R530F, R550 Magic II, additional fuel tanks, pylons, and a PDL-CT Laser designation pod.  These weapons would also be appropriate for any modern French warplane.

31 August 2002 - Chuck Dyer has taken the Mirage IIIEBR of Denis and Daniel da Silva Oliveira and converted it for use with CFS2.  Included is an Interceptor version with twin Sidewinder rails(?) and an Attack version with very appropriate AS-37 Martel air-to-ground missiles.  The flight model is way too maneuverable but still fun.

24 August 2002 - Ricardo Ruffa has adapted part of the textures of Osvaldo Martinetti's Mirage IIIEA with the Mirage IIID of Denis and Daniel da Silva Oliveria to create a Mirage IIIDA trainer in the colors of two Fuerza Aérea Argentina aircraft.  One in tactical camouflage and the second in an overall gray scheme.  Both aircraft are included in the same download file.

Denis and Daniel da Silva Oliveria have released updated aircraft.cfg files for their initial Mirage IIIEBR/IIIDBR series to add radio, effects and lights sections.  Just overwrite the original aircraft.cfg file with the new one.

18 August 2002 - Ricardo Ruffa of Argentina has been busy repainting several Mirage aircraft in the colors of the Fuerza Aérea Argentina.  Among these are the Mirage III of Jason Ashworth in three schemes of tactical, flight test, and anniversary colors (in the last case Ricardo used a IIIC but I recommend that you use his textures with the more correct IIIEA).  Ricardo has also painted an IAI Dagger and Mirage M-5P Mara in air superiority and ground attack colors using the aircraft of Denis and Daniel da Silva Oliveria.

9 August 2002 - Kirk Olsson has modified his Mirage F1C released this past May to the specifications of the Mirage F1B two-seat trainer.  I was involved with this project and was able to influence the choice of configurations, scheme, and guided Kirk in the reshaping of some things along the way to make it an even more accurate Mirage F1.  Four configurations are included: clean (shown below); air-to-air with practice Matra Super 530s; centerline tank and empty wing pylons; and all empty pylons.  My idea with the empty pylon configurations was that some enterprising CFS2 fans will produce some weapons loads.  The aircraft is painted in the markings of Escadron de Chasse 3/5 "Comtat-Venaissin", the initial OCU for the Mirage F1.  This one is a real winner.

6 August 2002 - Andrew Whitney has produced a fictitious repaint of the new Romain Lucas Mirage 4000 in the tactical camouflage colors of the Fuerza Aérea Argentina.

1 August 2002 - T.Sima has repainted another of Denis and Daniel da Silva Oliveria's Mirage based aircraft.  This time he has selected the IAI Kfir C2 and finished it in the early camouflage colors flown by the Israel Air Force.

I have been informed that will be closing down this month.  If you have been using the old web address of please note that this website has a new web address of  In just a few days you will no longer be able to access this website through the old address.  Please update your bookmarks.

28 July 2002 - Francis Ponvert of France has released a new panel for the Mirage F1.  It includes some bitmaps from Mike McCormick's original Mirage F1 panel but includes a new layout and many more gauges.  It is designed for FS2002 and can be integrated seamlessly with the Virtual Cockpit in Kirk Olsson's new Mirage F1.  It requires the Concorde.gau gauge file from FS2000 Pro for the Auto Throttle switch but can be used with only some loss of AutoPilot function without it.  An updated release includes Eric Marciano's functional radar gauge.

About Kirk Olsson's new Mirage F1 -- something very cool is coming soon.  Stay tuned.

22 July 2002 - T.Sima of Greece has repainted the IAI Dagger of Denis and Daniel da Silva Oliveria in the tactical camouflage colors of the Argentina Air Force as it appeared during the Falkland Islands Conflict of 1982.  Hard to believe that was 20 years ago this summer.

17 July 2002 - It's here and wait till you see it.  Romain Lucas and Eric Marciano (both of France) have released their Mirage 4000 for FS2002.  The beautifully sculpted aircraft was built by Romain using Gmax and is painted in Dassault demonstrator colors.  Eric has outdone himself with a custom built HUD, MFD/autopilot, and search radar.  If you thought hunting down AI aircraft was fun before, wait till you try it with this aircraft.

10 July 2002 - Progress continues by Romain Lucas on his Mirage 4000.  Eric Marciano (who made the Mirage F1 AI panel) is doing the panel and custom gauge work for the project.  Romain recently sent another beta to review along with some screen shots from Eric describing some of the panel features.

6 July 2002 - Jens-Ole Kjølberg of Norway has repainted the new Cheetah C by Denis and Daniel da Silva Oliveria in markings for No. 2 Squadron "Cheetahs" of the South Africa Air Force.  The file set includes a much improved flight dynamics file based on mods by Jens-Ole to the Alpha Simulations Kfir.  The file is included with the permission of Phil Perrott of Alpha Simulations and may not be uploaded with other projects without written permission from Alpha Simulations.  Legal stuff aside, this is a real improvement that I'm sure you'll enjoy.

29 June 2002 - Do Denis and Daniel da Silva Oliveria ever sleep?  Luckily for us Mirage fans it doesn't seem so.  They have just released six new Mirage variants.  The first is a Mirage 50EV of the Fuerza Aérea Venezolana.  Next are two Mirage 5 versions from the Force Aerienne Belge: a Mirage 5BR reconnaissance version and a Mirage 5BA attack version (below).  Painted in the colors of the Fuerza Aérea de Chile are a Mirage 50 "Pantera" and Mirage 5MA "Elkan".  The final release is an Atlas Cheetah C of the South Africa Air Force.

23 June 2002 - While searching for new Mirage aircraft I found the Jason Ashworth/ Marc Siméon Mirage F1 painted as a Mirage F1CE by Alvaro Alea Fernandez of Spain.  The aircraft includes three texture sets: a correctly colored camouflage scheme, a low-visibility gray scheme with Tiger Meet markings, and a version with special markings to commemorate 25 years of the Mirage F1 with the Ejercito del Aire Español.

I have also found a Mirage IIIEP in Pakistani Air Force colors by Mike Colclough for use with the original CFS1.  The aircraft is based on the Paul Kimberling/Joël Branchu Mirage IIIE and includes CFS1 compatible sound files and a panel.

18 June 2002 - Oops!  Looks like I forgot to upload all of the aircraft files when I moved the website to the new server.  That's one way to decrease bandwidth.  But that's not what I had in mind.  Anyway, the problem has been fixed.  If you find any problems downloading files please .  Sorry about that.

16 June 2002 - Three new Mirage III aircraft have been released over the weekend by Denis and Daniel da Silva Oliveira of Brazil.  The first is a Mirage IIIEBR (F-103E) in a special Anniversary scheme to commemorate the 30 years of operation by Brazil's first supersonic fighter.  Also new are models of the two versions flown by the Swiss: the Mirage IIIS interceptor and the Mirage IIIRS reconnaissance version.

11 June 2002 - Denis and Daniel da Silva Oliveira have released two new aircraft this week.  Both are Mirage derivatives built by Israel Aircraft Industries (IAI).  The first is an IAI Dagger (a Mirage 5 copy originally known as the Nesher) in the current overall gray color scheme of the Força Aérea Argentina.  The second aircraft (below) is an IAI Kfir C2 in the two-tone gray air superiority scheme of the Israeli Air Force.

8 June 2002 - I've taken the first step in making this website more affordable for me to maintain.  I have moved it to a new host and in the process acquired a domain name --  Please update any links if you have them.  Any old ones will continue to work but the new one will load faster.

On to new aircraft...  Three new Mirage IIIEBR (F-103E) are available from Denis and Daniel da Silva Oliveira in Brazilian Air Force scheme.  These are not just repaints of their earlier releases.  Each is painted to represent a different aircraft and each includes unique details and armament.  For screenshots visit the Mirage page of their website.

5 June 2002 - Since the Kirk Olsson Mirage F1 preview was announced on several major portal sites:,, etc., average daily website visitations have doubled.  As a result I have been billed $59 for bandwidth overusage for the month of May.  As the saying goes, "be careful what you ask for".  So some changes will have to be made.  More on that as it occurs.

Angelos Hatzikatakos has repainted and repackaged (why another 14MB download?) Kirk Olsson's Mirage F1 as a Greek Air Force Mirage F1CG.

29 May 2002 - This website had its 100,000 visitor today.  Thank you all!  To mark the occasion I present the final excerpt from one of Michel Gérard and my many email conversations.  Folks who have studied Mirage aircraft and French military aviation for some time may recognize the accompanying photograph.  Now you will know who took the photograph and the circumstances (most captions I've ever seen were completely wrong).  Michel has some Mirage photos in the Mirage IIIC book and I'm sure he'll have even more in the upcoming Mirage IIIE book, maybe this same one shown here.  I don't know if Michel is still with us or not, but I hope that he is safe and in good health.

25 May 2002 - Yves Raymond of France has taken the Oxyd/Denis and Daniel da Silva Oliveira Mirage 2000B and repainted it in the wrap-around tactical camouflage and markings of a Mirage 2000D of Armée de l'Air, EC 3/3 "Ardennes".  Included is a revised flight model by Benoît M. Dubé of Québec, Canada.

Denis and Daniel da Silva Oliveira have released two new Mirage III as part of a series they are constructing to represent the types flown by the Brazilian Air Force.  These include a Mirage IIIEBR and a Mirage IIIDBR trainer.  Both include external stores and operating canopies (be careful not to open these in flight).  You can see screenshots they've prepared of the entire series here.

20 May 2002 - Kirk Olsson has released his new Mirage F1.  As previously announced, it is available in two versions; as a single aircraft using default FS2002 sound files and as a three aircraft file set including a new set of custom sound files.  Both versions include a virtual cockpit, multiple weapons configurations, and maximum animation.

16 May 2002 - If you like flying the Rafale M and Super Etendard you'll like them even more when you use Rich Hogen's Arrestor Cables to simulate catapult launches and cable arrested landings.  It's a lot of fun.  And now Joel Maillot has made his Charles de Gaulle (R91) aircraft carrier compatible with FS2002.  He has also put together the necessary files to use the Arrestor Cables with the R91.  You will also need Peter Dowson's FSUIPC.DLL.

9 May 2002 - Since late last year there has been a steady flow of new Mirage aircraft for Flight Simulator.  We've had some great aircraft from Colin Norwood at Alpha Simulations, Jason Ashworth, Denis and Daniel da Silva Oliveira, Scott Kiefer, and soon Romain Lucas.  But it's not over yet.  Have a look at the upcoming Mirage F1 from Kirk Olsson and start saving hard drive space.

Philippe Magnier of France sent in desert schemes for the Mirage 2000N (EC 2/4 Lafayette) and 2000D (EC2/3 Champagne) as they have appeared during Red Flag exercises at Nellis AFB in Nevada, USA.  The textures are based on the previously released Desert Storm scheme by Justin Lamb.

Y-Raymond has sent another update to his Mirage 2000-5F textures.  If you download the full set of textures after today, the update is included.  If you downloaded before today you only need the update file.

As part of their cleaning house to allow more space for newer aircraft, Alpha Simulations is making many of their older aircraft available as freeware downloads.  The latest aircraft to become available includes their Mirage IVA and IVP strategic bombers.  These free downloads do not include the original panels by Phil Perrott (being saved for a new release perhaps?).

5 May 2002 - Romain Lucas of France has been working on a new Mirage 4000 for FS2002 since the beginning of the year.  He has kept me informed on the progress as the work continues.  Since the visual model is nearly complete and work on the panel and Virtual Cockpit continues he has agreed that it is time to announce this upcoming release.  Please read his description of the aircraft and view some screenshots here.

2 May 2002 - Y-Raymond has sent an update to his new Mirage 2000 textures from yesterday.  The update file includes only the single file effected so you do not need to download the entire set again.  If you download the full set today you do not need this update.

1 May 2002 - I have received two new repaints over the past week; both from Y-Raymond of France.  In the first example, Yves has (with permission) enhanced the texture files from Alexandre Cadel's Mirage IIIC (see 17 April below) to achieve a more weathered appearance.

The second set of textures is for a Mirage 2000 with the unit markings of Escadron de Chasse 1/2 "Cigognes" based at Dijon-Longvic AB.  EC 1/2 was the first unit to operate the Mirage 2000 beginning in 1984.

26 April 2002 - Scott Kiefer has taken the Oxyd Rafale M, removed all external stores, modified the cockpit area, and brought it into CFS2 using Chris Rosenmann's Rafale Marine weapons set.  He has also included a couple of effects files for exhaust and wingtip vapor trails.  He has again made the source file with his changes available for anyone else wanting to make further modifications.  He has applied the same treatment to the Oxyd Mirage 2000C and has again made the source file with his changes available.

17 April 2002 - Alexandre Cadel of Ajaccio, Island of Corsica, has repainted Jason Ashworth's Mirage IIIC in the sand and chestnut camouflage colors of Armée de l'Air, Escadron de Chasse 3/10 "Vexin".  This unit, operating from the east Africa nation of Djibouti, was the last unit to operate the Mirage IIIC in French colors.

14 April 2002 - Scott Kiefer has modified the Oxyd Rafale M into a two-seater Rafale B.  This release is made for use with CFS2.  He has also made the source files available for anyone else wanting to make further mods.

10 April 2002 - Thierry Romain and Sonny have updated the flight dynamics file for Thierry's Super-Etendard to give a more accurate flight in FS2002.  And Y-Raymond has painted up a new set of textures in the original Aéronavale Francaise Flotille 11F markings.

5 April 2002 - Benoit M. Dubé and Sonny have converted the CFS2 Rafale M of Christophe Rosenmann for use in FS2002.  Y-Raymond has made a new set of texture files for the aircraft in the mid-gray color scheme that will be used by the Aéronavale Francaise.  The aircraft is painted to represent Flotille 12F.

30 March 2002 - No new aircraft today.  I've done some maintenance on the Links page -- adding a few new ones in each catagory and "reactivating" a couple.  I've also added a link to the bottom of the Israeli Mirage vs. Syrian MiG dogfight description for a pilot's recollection of his 17 aerial victories -- all in the Mirage and IAI Nesher.

27 March 2002 - Jens-Ole Kjølberg of Norway has repainted the Oxyd/Denis da Silva Oliveira Mirage 2000B in the markings of a Hellenic (Greek) Air Force Mirage 2000BG.  Jason Ashworth showed me how to correct a problem in FS2002 with the Mirage 2000 and Rafale sound file sets by Oxyd.   Click on the aircraft name above to download the new "cfg" files.

22 March 2002 - Jason Ashworth has modified his Mirage IIIEZ to the external specifications of a Mirage IIIEBR (F-103E) as operated by the Força Aérea Brasileira (Brazilian Air Force).  Denis da Silva Oliveira (who has been very busy lately) has painted it up in two versions: the first, finished in silver paint as they were delivered in 1972; and the second in the air superiority blue-gray color scheme adapted in 1981.

15 March 2002 - Denis da Silva Oliveira has released three variations of the Mirage 2000-5F of Oxyd.  The aircraft is now available with three new weapon loads: the first is armed with only a pair of Matra Magic missiles; the second adds three fuel tanks to the missiles; and the third adds a centerline fuel tank to the original armament load of two Matra Super 530 missiles and two Matra Magic missiles.  Denis has also released a new version of his Mirage 2000B with armament to correct a problem with the landing gear animation.

9 March 2002 - Christophe Rosenmann has updated the visual model for his CFS2 Rafale M for "improved framerates and smoother animations".  I've received emails announcing several repaints of Mirage aircraft that are in the works and should be available soon.  A couple are a Mirage 2000BG (Greek 2000B) by Jens-Ole Kjølberg of Norway and a Mirage IIIC of EC 3/10 (desert camouflage) by Alexandre Cadel of France.

2 March 2002 - That was fast!  Denis da Silva Oliveira has just released his Mirage 2000B conversion.  It is available as three aircraft with different weapon loads: the first version carries two early style wing tanks and two Matra Magic missiles; the second retains Oxyd's original armament load of two Matra Super 530 missiles and two Matra Magic missiles; and the third is configured with no underwing stores.  All versions are correctly textured to represent a 2000B assigned to Escadrille 2/5 "Ile de France" of the Armée de l'Air.

1 March 2002 - I've added the concluding comments regarding instrument panels in Flight Simulator from a Michael Gérard email conversation.  And Denis da Silva Oliveira of Brazil is working on a conversion of Oxyd's Mirage 2000-F5 to the two-seat 2000B (or possibly a D).  I've sent him some suggestions (including one to use the wing tanks from Oxyd's Rafale) and a set of updated textures that represent a 2000B.  This will be a welcome addition and should be available soon.

23 February 2002 - After flying with the Mirage IIIB panel by Thinus Pretorius (see February 6 below) I remembered a couple of emails I had received from Michael Gérard discussing Mirage III panels.  The first was comparing the Mirage IIIB and Mirage IIIE panels.  I have added it to the other excerpts from our email conversations.

18 February 2002 - Jens-Ole Kjølberg of Norway has repainted Kirk Olsson's Mirage F1 in the three-tone gray air superiority camouflage scheme worn by the South Africa Air Force Mirage F1CZ.  This is a very striking scheme.

11 February 2002 - Erwin Welker has repainted the textures of Colin Norwood's "Mephisto" Mirage 5BR of the Belgium Air Force.  The new textures provide more detail to the special 42 Escadrille "Mephisto" commemorative paint scheme.

6 February 2002 - Thinus Pretorius of South Africa has made a new panel of the original Mirage IIIB based on photos of a Mirage IIIBZ cockpit at the South African Air Force Museum.

30 January 2002 - I haven't been able to access the Internet for several days to make this update, so it's a big one.  First of all, sometime over the past few days this website had its 75,000 visitor.  Thanks everyone.

I've received two new repaints.  Y-Raymond sent in a set of textures for the Alpha Simulations Mirage IIIC depicting an aircraft of EC 1/10 "Valois" in an air superiority blue-gray scheme.  And Jason Ashworth sent in a repaint of his earlier black Mirage IIICZ in camouflage colors as worn by South African Air Force aircraft beginning in the 1970s.  Both of these are add-on texture sets and require that you already have installed the respective aircraft; the Alpha Simulations Mirage IIIC or Jason's Mirage IIICZ.

Jason Ashworth made a few adjustments to his Mirage IIIEZ to configure it as a Mirage IIIEA as operated by the Fuerza Aérea Argentina.  Osvaldo Martinetti has repainted the textures for two versions; camouflaged as it appeared during the early 1980s (above) and overall low-visibility gray as it appears today.

20 January 2002 - Eric Marciano has modified the Mike McCormack Mirage F1 panel to include Rodolfo Arata's AIMap gauge.  The AI information is displayed on the radar screen area.  If you have FS2002 you'll want to check this out.  The panel is great for making AI aircraft interceptions with the Mirage!

13 January 2002 - There have been a couple of Mirage repaints released.  The first is a repaint of the Anton Coetzee/Colin Norwood Mirage 5.  Eduardo Fadul has repainted it in the colors of the Fuerza Aérea Colombiana (Colombian Air Force).  The second is another fictional repaint of Jason Ashworth's Cheetah D by Rainer Tschorn.  This time Rainer, an officer in the German Luftwaffe, has chosen the colors of JG71 "Richthofen" of the Luftwaffe.

7 January 2002 - Jason Ashworth has released his Mirage IIIEZ in South African Air Force colors for FS2002.  I've been watching the development of this one for nearly a year and have put together a review with images of this very well done model.

6 January 2002 - A busy week for Mirage fans.  Earlier this week Alpha Simulations re-released their Super Etendard in a new set of Aéronavale Francaise markings.  The new set of textures were painted by Y-Raymond (of Mirage F1 repaint fame).  Visit the News section of the Alpha Simulations site for more information.

Today Alpha Simulations has released their Mirage IIIB in Armée de l'Air camouflage markings.  I've put together a photo page here.  AlphaSim has also released the extra texture files I painted for bare metal versions; one in Armée de l'Air colors and one in Israel Defence Force/Air Force colors.

2 January 2002 - Happy new Year everyone.  Welcome to another year.  Hopefully more secure and peaceful than the last.  Starting off this year are four new scenery packages released just before the holidays.  The first is Paul Roberts' scenery of RAF St. Mawgan in the UK.  This is followed by three scenery files by Fabien Prevost.  The first is new scenery for Lorient Lann Bihoue NAS in France.  He has also updated two earlier releases for use with FS2002 -- Reims-Champagne AB and Cambrai-Epinoy AB.
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