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23 December 2006 - May you and your loved ones enjoy the true meaning of Christmas and have a prosperous New Year.  Let's all give thanks for what we have and pray for a more peaceful year in 2007.

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4 December 2006 - Bob Chicilo, who has applied his flight model and effects to many aircraft over the years including a few Mirage titles has focused his attention once again on the still outstanding Super Mirage 4000 of Romain Lucas.  The original Mirage 4000 update by Bob in May 2005 was one of his first.  So this new update benefits from all of his experience since then.  A new version for FS2004 as well as FSX is available.

28 November 2006 - I previously said that FsFrance was making a comeback with a new website design, a new forum, and some new projects in the works.  Gilles Mercier has written to give an update on the upcoming Super Mystère B2.  When finished the package will include a new panel, at least four weapons configurations, and over a dozen schemes.  For some screenshots and more description please see this Preview Page.

28 October 2006 - Jose Ramon Rodriguez has repainted some of the textures in Kirk Olsson's Mirage F1 with new tail art for the Tiger Meet'06.  The event was held this past September at Los Llanos Air Base (LEAB) near Albacete, Spain.  To see photos of the Mirage F1M and the tail art being applied visit the website of the artist, Alvaro Ruiz.

20 October 2006 - There have been no new releases or repaints lately.  But the folks at FsFrance have been quietly working in the background to complete the overhaul of their website and reinstated their forum.  The new design is very clean and professional looking.  When you visit their forum be sure to read these threads announcing three upcoming releases that will surely interest visitors to this website: the Balzac VTOL research aircraft based on the Mirage III airframe, the two-seat Rafale B, and a new Super Mystère B2.

30 September 2006 - Alexandre Remy has completed a new scenery for BA102 Dijon Longvic (LFSD).  This provides a new scenery for an overlooked but important airbase, home of EC01.002 "Cigognes" and EC02.002 "Côte d'Or" flying the Mirage 2000-5F.

27 September 2006 - Fernando Martinez has updated his earlier AI Mirage 2000B package to add the Mirage 2000D and 2000N.  The most obvious change is the correct configuration of two underwing tanks and tactical camouflage.  Additional texture sets have been added for the 2000D and 2000N models for a total of 24.

17 September 2006 - Bob Chicilo has applied his well known modifications to the older Alphasim Super Etendard.  The changes also include new flight dynamics, smoke, a panel, and new nav lights.  This is a complete package and breathes some new life into an old but still nice FS aircraft.

11 September 2006 - It is hard to believe it was five years ago today.
So much was lost that day and in the years that have followed.
Visit September 11 and the September 11 Digital Archive.
Never Forget!

10 September 2006 - Simon Chevalier (alias S-POTY) has completed his conversion of the AI Mirage 2000 AI series of Fernando Martinez for manual flight in FS9 while we wait for the release of the Mirage 2000-5 by Cyril Pioffet, the Mirage 2000-5 by Rollus, or the Mirage 2000C by Siegfried Vlaminck.  By combining the Mirage F1 sounds by Kirk Olsson, the Mirage 2000 instrument panel by Ernest Lavedure (modified to include parts from the Mirage 4000 instrument panel by Eric Maricano, and adjusted flight models by Jean Pierre Bourgeois, Simon has added three new Mirage 2000 models to the FS9 hangar.

7 September 2006 - Cristiano Magnani has repainted the Mirage 2000B of Roland Laborie in the markings of the newest operator, Brazil.  The package included three texture sets, two in the standard two-tone Mirage 2000 camouflage and one in the blue/gray scheme worn by the Brazil Mirage III's (F-103).  Only the texture files are included.  You will also need the Mirage 2000 aircraft.

24 August 2006 - If you want a little more variation in military AI traffic I found a couple of payware AI packages at  The first is from a South Africa group named Flight Design.  The aircraft in their package includes a new Mirage F1AZ and Cheetah C designed to be very framerate friendly for AI use.  You can view the product at

The second package is an extensive package by MyTraffic 2004 of European air bases, US and NATO aircraft carriers, and the aircraft to go with both.  Included among the aircraft are the Mirage III, the Rafale, and the Super Etendard.  You can view the product also at

13 August 2006 - Thinus Pretorius has completed a new Mirage IIICZ.  The model is based on his earlier Mirage IIIEZ.  The model includes a Virtual Cockpit, a new instrument panel and sound files.  With each new release Thinus's skill impoves.

4 August 2006 - Even with FSX to be released in the coming months many folks continue to use older versions of FS.  One example is scenery maker André Lederer who, with the help of Udo Entenmann, has just overhauled his interpretation of FS98 scenery for Orange-Caritat AB (LFMO) in south France.  As a companion aircraft Udo has repainted the origional Alpha Simulations Mirage IIIB in colors for EC 1/5 "Vendée".

30 July 2006 - Ed Kooymans has assembled an AI package for use with the new AI Mirage 2000C by Fernando Martinez covering Armée de l´Air operations at Dijon-Longvic (LFSD).  The package includes callsigns, traffic files, and AFCAD files.  Also included are traffic files for C-135FR, C-130, and CN-235 support aircraft.

19 July 2006 - In most of the southwest USA it is fire season.  When not busy helping to put out these fires, firefighter Michael Pearson has been working on repaints of the recently released AI Mirage 2000s.  He has completed 25 new aircraft in Armée de l´Air and export customer colors.  These are textures only so you will need to install the Mirage 2000C/Mirage-5 and Mirage 2000B AI aircraft from Fernando Martinez.  For added realism you should also use the AI afterburner effect by Henry Tomkiewicz.

17 July 2006 - Eric Kunst, one of the developers of the AFCAD and AI flights mentioned on 2 July for use with the new Mirage 2000 AI aircraft, has released a complete package.  Included are AI Flightplans for Armée de l'Air EC 1/12 and 2/12 aircraft based at Cambrai - Epinoy (LFQI).  Weekly flightplans for all 38 aircraft are present along with callsigns by Stewart Pearson and a custom AFCAD2 file.

11 July 2006 - After a brief down time, Virtual Cors'Air has returned with a new Internet address:  Go France!

2 July 2006 - Over the past year Fernando Martinez has been working on several AI (low poly models) aircraft projects and has been reporting on the progress in the Military AI forum at  He has now released the first two sets of these aircraft.  The first is for the single-seat Mirage 2000C and Mirage-5 with dynamic shine, animated parts, and textures for units at Cambrai AB, Dijon AB, and Orange AB. In his Readme file Fernando recommends using the AI afterburner effect by Henry Tomkiewicz from his F-16 models.

Within the week, Fernando released a second set to add the two-seat Mirage 2000B with textures for units at Cambrai AB and Orange AB. 

Image courtesy of Robert A Baum

Since the release of these packages there have been several AFCAD files made for the air bases.  If you are intersted in making your own flight plans here are a few links for howto articles to get you started: Rob's Flightsim,,,

23 June 2006 - For some time now Siegfried Vlaminck has been working on a new Mirage 2000.  While the version of Cyril Pioffet is evolving into the later Mirage 2000-5 version, this one is going to be of the original 2000-C variant with analog gauges.  Siegfried has been sending information on progress so I have made a new Preview Page to update as new information arrives.

19 June 2006 - Zolt Goatfield has put together an extensive Iraqi Scenery and AI Package representing Iraqi Air Force aircraft, military airfields and AI traffic on the eve of the Gulf War in January 1991 (while is still existed).  Included are many AI flights by Iraqi Mirage F1.  Zolt used the Mirage F1 of Vasco Ferreira with textures by Michael Pearson.

14 June 2006 - A new Mirage IIIE created using Abacus FSDS_v3 has been released by Italo D'Attomo and Giovanni Quai.  Included is a new panel with many gauges designed by the authors including a custom Auto Pilot gauge.

7 June 2006 - I found a photo-realistic instrument panel for the Super Mystère B2 made by Jean-Pierre Langer.  The instrument panel is based on photos and includes custom gauges.

2 June 2006 - Jean-François Martin and Gilles Mercier have improved the Mystère IVA textures released earlier by improving the resolution from 8-bit to 24-bit.  Textures for the original four aircraft (see May 27 below) and the follow-on three (June 1) are included.

1 June 2006 - Shortly after releasing his new Dassault Mystère IVA last week, Jean-François Martin has painted three new textures sets for units stationed at Dijon-Longvic AB in the 1950s.  The units included are EC 1/2 "Cigognes" (with Suez Crisis stripes), EC 2/2 "Cote d'Or", and EC 3/2 "Alsace".

29 May 2006 - Michael Pearson has been working on repaints of the Mirage III by Warwick Carter.  He has completed 19 new aircraft in Armée de l´Air and export customer colors depicting several Mirage versions.  These are textures only so you will need to install the Mirage IIIO by Warwick first.  There are also no installation instructions.  If you need assistance please read this article from  Here is the list of the aircraft with download links to the library.  (Broken Link after Avsim was hacked) 27 May 2006 - Jean-François Martin has finished a new Dassault Mystère IVA.  Three visual models are included: clean, wing tanks, and tanks with bombs.  Four texture sets are included: Armée de l'Air EC 7 and EC 8, Patrouille de France, and Israel Air Force in camouflage.  Additional features include firing cannon and red/white/blue smoke effects.

25 May 2006 - We seem to be in a dry spell for new Mirage items.  Udo Entenmann of Germany has repainted the FS98 Mirage IIIB of Alphasim as a camouflaged Denel Aviation Cheetah D of the South Africa Air Force (SAAF).

Thinus Pretorius wrote to say that he is making a new Mirage IIICZ in SAAF colors.  The aircraft will include an instrument panel with new gauges.  Thinus reports that the instrument panel will have a sub-panel for a radar and map (by request).

26 April 2006 - Virtuel Air Alsace has added the Mirage F1 to their collection of available aircraft for member pilots to fly by combining the F1CT textures by Michel Merle of Aéropassion with the Mirage F1 of Kirk Olsson.  Virtuel Air Alsace offers many flights to virtual pilots in the eastern area of France, Alsace.  Also in Alsace is Colmar-Meyenheim AB (LFSC) where Mirage F1CTs fly.

Link to Virtuel Air Alsace website

18 April 2006 - It has been a slow month and I have not been able to make the time to work on some repaints I had started.  In the meantime, Phil Perrot of Alpha Simulations released 160 of his original instrument panel background BMP files for freeware designers to use.  Among these are several from the older Mirage aircraft on this website: the Mirage IIIC, the Mirage IIIB, the Kfir C2, the IAI Dagger, the Super-Etendard, and their original Mirage IV.  All of these were once payware but are now freeware.  The instrument panel artwork has always been a strong point of Alphasim releases so these should make good starting points for some new instrument panel projects.  You can download the entire collection from but I have separated out the Mirage instrument panels to save you time.

3 April 2006 - Thierry Danjou has painted four sets of textures for the Mirage F1C of Kirk Olsson.  The aircraft are all from EC 1/12 "Cambrésis" at BA 103 Cambrai-Epinoy and the tail markings of SPA 162 (Tiger) and SPA 89 (Wasp) have been accurately reproduced.  The four aircraft represented include: 12-YO, 12-YB, 12-YD, and 12-YE (1979 Tigermeet colors).

28 March 2006 - Alexandre Rémy has finished his scenery for Nancy-Ochey AB (LFSO) in the North-East of France.  Nancy-Ochey is home of Mirage 2000 units EC 1/3 "Navarre", EC 2/3 "Champagne", and EC 3/3 "Ardennes" (all represented in repaints by Michael Pearson).  This is very detailed scenery with many surprises.

14 March 2006 - Alexandre Rémy has made a scenery for the French Air Force Base 188 (HFFF) located at Ambouli International Airport (HDAM) in Djibouti.  Since 1978 the Mirage IIIC, Mirage F1C, and currently the Mirage 2000, have been stationed in Djibouti.  The scenery includes AFCAD for correct ATC interaction.  Alexandre is also working on scenery for Nancy-Ochey (LFSO).  Visit his website for more information and images.

Bernard Gosset (alias Papy31) has finished his scenery for Beauvechain Air Base (EBBE) in Belgium.  Visit his Dans le ciel de Liège website for more information, images, and to download the scenery files.  Bernard is also working on scenery for Sint-Truiden Air Base (EBST).  Visit his website for more information and images.

8 March 2006 - Well, it has been a while since my last update.  Two things have contributed to that.  First, there has not been very much activity related to Mirage aircraft.  And secondly, I have been very involved with painting textures and doing research on a project for Alphasim on another delta winged aircraft, the B-58 Hustler, and a 1.1 update release.  This beautiful aircraft was designed by David Bushell who made the Mirage IV.  There is a review at and it was awarded the "Can Do" award from the website.  Ok, enough on that, I'm just very proud.

Marcel Ritzema (NAS Valkenburg scenery and an instrument panel enhancement for the Super Etendard) has released a new scenery for Leeuwarden AB (EHLW) in the Netherlands.  Leeuwarden is known as "Fightertown Europe" and a good place to visit for Mirage pilots.  There is a lot of detail included yet the scenery is very "framerate friendly".

I have also remade the scenery pages so that they are smaller and will load faster.  There are a lot of destinations available for your flights in the Mirage.

7 February 2006 - Bernard Gosset (alias Papy31) has updated his VFR scenery for Liège-Bierset (EBLG) in Belgium.  The scenery is available for download exclusively from  Bernard is also working on scenery for Beauvechain Air Base (EBBE).  Visit the Dans le ciel de Liège website for more information and images.

Alexandre Cadel has released revision 6 of the Corse VFR scenery adding the city and Citadel at Bonifacio near Figari (LFKF).  This is a complete package so be sure to remove any previous versions.  You can read (in French language) more about it in the Project LandCorse thread in the Forum at

1 February 2006 - Julien Rozen had finished his modifications project of merging of the HUD from the new Mirage 2000N of Rollus with the Rafale by Gator.  The small package contains only the files necessary for the changes so you will need to download the aircraft as well.  Additional modifications include flaps that move automatically depending on airspeed, and changes to the aircraft thrust, roll, and pitch rates.  Be sure to view the Readme file.

27 January 2006 - I came across a very good scenery for Istres AB (LFMI) located in the south of France.  The scenery can be downloaded from the Virtual United Nations website.  Both civilian and military facilities are included.  Istres is not only an Armée de l'Air base, but also the home of the French test pilot school (EPNER), and it houses both a government flight test establishment and Dassault's private flight test center.

23 January 2006 - Erwin Welker has repainted the Mirage 5BR of Denis and Daniel da Silva Oliveira in the 70 year anniversary colors of Sqd 42 "Mephisto".  The aircraft was designed for FS2002 but will work with FS2004 if you answer "No" to the question about supporting "unsupported" features.  This file contains only the new textures, so you will also need to download the original Mirage 5BR.

20 January 2006 - There is a review of the Cheetah C by Thinus Pretorius in the online ezine South African Virtual Pilot and another at the Flightsim review website

4 January 2006 - What better way to start the new year than with images and discussion of the next version of Flight Simulator, also known as Flight Simulator X (for version 10).  Several websites broke the news today as Bill Gates gave the keynote address at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.  The European based websites Simflight and FSPlanet both got a jump on their US counterparts due to the time difference and have published preview screenshots and Q&A pages for the next version of Flight Simulator, to be released later this year.

"Well, what about experiences?  It would be hard to come to the Consumer Electronics Show and just talk about clarity and confidence; well, what about the experiences we expect from Windows?  I'm going to talk and show three that I think really move ahead: gaming, memories and music.

"Gaming is a wonderful place to start.  It's been really paralleled with the PC since we started bringing them into our homes.  In fact, there's one application I can think about that has this long rich history working with the PC, Microsoft Flight Simulator.  The Microsoft Flight Simulator has been around now for over 20 years.  Every time the PC has improved in its performance, its capability, its graphic ability, Microsoft Flight Simulator has really been there to take advantage of those opportunities.

"I brought with me actually a sneak preview of the next generation of Microsoft Flight Simulator.  It's a really immersive environment that's being led by Windows Vista graphics and the next generation of DirectX.

"You can see the realism of the reflection.  And I'm actually going to drive or going to try to drive with my Xbox 360 controller plugged directly into my Windows Vista PC.  You can really start to see the smoke from the boat, the independent and kind of live life that you see with the waves, with some of the birds and the trees that you'll start to see.

"This is the immersive environment that people expect from PC gaming in the next generation of Windows PCs.  Windows Vista really starts to deliver.

"Off the west coast of Maui, it's not a bad place to be.

"So the game developers actually have a little bit more than a year to continue working on the product, so the final product is going to be even better.  But one thing is for sure, gaming is going to be awesome on Windows Vista."

Aaron Woodman, group product manager, Microsoft's Consumer Strategy Group,
during the Keynote Remarks by Bill Gates, January 4, 2006

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