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  Old News - 1999

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27 December 1999 - Found a few new Mirage IIIs (and an IAI Dagger) painted up in the colors of Argentina and Venezuela.  I've added them to the Mirage III and Other Mirage pages.  The Links page is now organized into sections for easier use.

24 December 1999 - I'd like to wish everyone the very best during this joyous holiday season.  No simming this weekend.  Spend the time with your families.

  *  Joyeux Noël  *  Frohe Weihnachten   *  Buon Natale  *
  *  Alegre Christmas  *  Feliz Navidad  *  Merry Christmas  *

23 December 1999 - Its been a pretty active first month.  I've uploaded all of the aircraft, panels, and scenery that I've come across so far.  If you know of something that applies to the theme of this website, drop me an

22 December 1999 - Completed loading the new scenery files on my own system to make sure they work and to get a screen shot of each for the Scenery page.

17 December 1999 - Added a link to a pretty thorough site on the Rafale aircraft.  Thanks to Roland Stuck of France for the tip.

16 December 1999 - Completed breaking down the aircraft files into pages based on aircraft series. This works much better and loads a lot faster.

10 December 1999 - Decided I had too many aircraft on one page -- it takes too long to load.  So that will be reworked.  When this is completed, the aircraft page will be a jumping-off page for the various aircraft pages grouped by model.  Added Leeuwarden AFB, Netherlands to the Scenery page.  Leeuwarden is the 'Fighter Town' of European NATO forces.  Added some more material to the Links page.

7 December 1999 - Found another aircraft and several more European airbase scenery files.  The aircraft, a Mirage V "Elkan" in the colors of Fuerza Aérea de Chile is available for download.  I'll start getting the scenery files up this weekend.

4 December 1999 - Installed all of the French and European air force base scenery files I could find onto my own system to make sure they worked and to make screen prints for the Scenery page.  I've also added the panel files to the Panels page and listed a few military aviation related links on the Links page.

3 December 1999 - I've displayed a few of the aircraft images (they change) on the Gallery page to get that one started.

1 December 1999 - Finished adding all available aircraft.  Loaded all Mirage III, Mirage 5, Atlas Cheetah (South African made Mirage derivative), Mirage 2000, Mirage 4000, Rafale (what the heck), and some AFX files.

30 November 1999 - Began adding aircraft.  Started with the five currently available Mirage F1 aircraft.

29 November 1999 - Added Aircraft, Panel, Scenery, Gallery, and Links pages with descriptive paragraphs so visitors will get an idea of what is intended for this site.  Will begin populating pages this next week.

28 November 1999 - The site officially opens.  Not much to look at yet but I've got big plans.  I've been scouring the usual FS file upload locations for aircraft, panels, and scenery related to the Dassault Mirage and French military aviation in general.  I've found enough to make a go of it and put something on each page.  So make a book mark and come back soon.

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