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  Mirage 2000-5
  by Cyril Pioffet

  (Previewed June 2003)

After a brief pause in developement of his Mirage 2000, Cyril (Gator) Pioffet has returned to the project and is giving it his full attention.  If you're curious about what he has been up to, visit his website and see all the AS341/342 Gazelle helicopters he has produced.  Cyril has sent me updates during the development of this Mirage 2000 model and just sent another beta version.  You can also track progress in this thread in the forum.

      This latest beta version includes elements of both the Mirage 2000C and the 2000-5.  These will all be sorted out between the two versions when the final MDL files are made.  Hopefully versions will be made available (as he did with his Rafale) with and without the refueling probe.  That will allow for repaint opportunities of foreign Mirage customers.

The model will be fully animated:
  • Landing gear
  • Gear doors
  • Leading edge slats
  • Control surfaces
  • Air brakes
  • Canopy
  • Exhaust petals
  • Intake spot light

      This beta release is fully armed with a pair of practice R-550 Matra Magic II missiles under the wings and a quartet of Matra MICA missiles under the wing roots.  For extended range, it carries a fuel tank under the fuselage and a pair of tiger striped fuel tanks under the wings.  The final configuration(s) have not been revealed yet, though a clean example (for CFS2 work) would be a welcome choice.

The smoothly sculpted lines and the blended wing/fuselage of the Mirage 2000 are captured very well in this rendition.  This early release wears the markings of aircraft N°3 (2-EC) assigned to EC 1/2 "Cigognes" at Dijon AB.  Visit Cyril's website for more images.      

The Virtual Cockpit is looking good enough to be a training tool for Dassault's Mirage 2000 customers.
Click on these thumbnails for larger images in a popup window.

Pierre Marchadier of will be painting some of the initial texture sets available for Cyril's Mirage 2000C and 2000-5F when it is released.  Pierre has sent along some screenshots to show a sampling of some of the different Escadron de Chasse (EC) that will be represented.      
12-YK of EC 1/12 "Cambrésis" at BA103 Cambrai/Epinoy.

12-YK of EC 1/12 "Cambrésis" at BA103 Cambrai/Epinoy
showing the unit emblem of SPA 89 (wasp).

12-YQ of EC 1/12 "Cambrésis" at BA103 Cambrai/Epinoy
showing the unit emblem of SPA 166 (black eagle on yellow disk).

5-NN of EC 1/5 "Vendée" at BA115 Orange-Caritat
with commemorative "décoration spéciale" worn in 1989.

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