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  Mirage IV
  by David Bushell

  (Previewed December 2003)

Alpha Simulations continually comes up with nice surprises in their choice of subjects and in the quality of their product.  Their upcoming Mirage IV is no exception, as I'll describe below.  I asked the designer, David Bushell, why he selected the Mirage IV.  "I'm not a Mirage buff but after going to one of the International Air Tatoo airshows a couple of years back and seeing how big this particular Mirage is up close, and the fact that there are no 'up-to-date' Mirage IV on the internet, I decided that it was time to branch out from just building US aircraft models."  Below are images of this "work in progress". 
      Using reference material found on the Internet, books, and his own photographs, David is putting together a very authentic visual model.  He will start with the current IVP version and then "back date" the visual model to the original IVA configuration.

David is using highly detailed photos of the entire front cockpit.  "This will ensure that the cockpit not only looks like it should but also can make use of various animations I can add.  I'm hoping to do a VC to the same degree of detail as the SR-71, but we will have to wait and see."      

      The visual model is being designed using FSDSv2 to ensure FS2002 and FS2004 (FS9) compatibility.  "I'd like to do both nuclear weapons [AN-22 Free-Fall bomb and the ASMP nuclear missile] and the CT-52 recon pod along with different markings for each."

So far the animations include elevons, canopies, rudder, exhaust nozzles, inlet duct suction relief doors, and wheel bogies including strut compression.  Also included are afterburner effects.

Stay tuned for more...


(June 2004 Update) A few new screenshots depicting the new JATO rocket system, the crew ladders (only visible when the canopy has been opened and the parking brake engaged), the opening CT-52 Reconnaissance pod (on wing fold command) with associated cameras and the as yet unanimated airmen, a Virtual Cockpit under development, and a bare metal test scheme (for a follow-on Mirage IVA version).  Click images for a larger view.

(August 2004 Update) David Bushell has been busy working on his series of Mirage IV.  In a recent message on the Alphasim forum he included images showing the three different variants: A Mirage IVA armed with the AN-22 Free-Fall nuclear weapon, a Mirage IVP armed with the ASMP stand-off nuclear missile and drop tanks, and the Mirage IVP with the CT-52 reconnaissance pod and underwing ECM jammer pod.  Click images for a larger view.

This aircraft is now available as FREEWARE.
There are also several addon texture sets available
by Michel Merle and Pierre Lheureux.

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