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  Mirage 2000C
  by Siegfried Vlaminck

  (Previewed June 2006)

Siegfried Vlaminck (alias Arrow or Arrow974 in the forums and a past contributor and translator of the news on this website from English to French) has been working on a new Mirage 2000.  While the version of Cyril Pioffet is evolving into the later 2000-5F version, this one is going to be of the original 2000C variant with analog gauges.  The project is being discussed in the forums at and FoxAlpha.  Several well known and accomplished Flight Sim designers are also involved...

The project began in January of this year.  Pierre Marchardier of introduced Siegfried to designing with gMax.  Originally it was not Siegfried's intent to make an aircraft he could fly, just an AI airplane (see original discussion in this forum) with the correct shape of the Mirage 2000.  But after seeing how well the aircraft looked in flight it evolved to a new detailed aircraft project for FS2004.  

  There will be complete animation of all control surfaces, landing gear, air brakes, exhaust petals, etc.

Here is a short video (1.7MB) showing the animation.

Jean-Pierre Bourgeois (alias Bee Gee) will assist with the FDE configuration to make this aircraft fly correctly.  He has worked on many projects including the new F-8E Crusader and MiG-15 airfiles.

External configurations planned:
  • Clean
  • Ventral tank with empty Super 530D and Magic rails
  • The same with weapons attached (both training and live)
  • Ventral tank with Super 530D rails (only) and training Magics (as seen in shots from Djibouti)
  • Long range, ventral tank with two 2000-litre wing tanks and training or live Magics
          ... and more.

      Cyril Breton (alias Cybreton) and Michel Merle from Aero-Passion will be helping with painting and selecting units to be included.

    Jean-Pierre Langer will be helping with the detailed cockpit and high quality graphics of the instrument panel and gauges.  Jean-Pierre has made several panels including one for the Super Mystère B2.

    More information will follow as the project progresses...


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