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  Super Mystère B2
  by Team FsFrance

  (Previewed November 2006)

Gilles Mercier, painter and Forum manage at, contacted me to let me know that he and Pierre Marchadier, also of the FsFrance Team, are creating a new Super Mystère B2 (SMB2) for Flight Simulator.  Gilles has always been a fan of front air intake aircraft, especially the SMB2 and F-100.  Each time Pierre Marchadier would ask which plane the team would like he to design, Gilles' response was always an SMB2.  So now Pierre is making an SMB2 for FS2004, a great gift for Gilles (and us).

The FsFrance SMB2 Team consists of:
  • Pierre Marchadier for the design using Gmax
  • Jean-Pierre Langer for the panel
  • Benoît Dubé and Jean-Pierre Bourgeois for the flight dynamics
  • Gilles Mercier for the textures and paint kit

      For the textures Gilles has decided to concentrate on Armée de l'Air units.  Only three "Escadres" (Wings) used the SMB2; the 5th Escadre, the 10th Escadre, and the 12th Escadre.  So far Gilles has completed schemes for the following Escadron (EC) or squadrons:
  • EC 1/5 "Vendée" in bare metal scheme
  • EC 1/10 "Valois" in bare metal and camo schemes
  • EC 1/12 "Cambresis" in bare metal, camo, dark camo, American camo, and Tigermeet schemes
  • ...
  • EC 2/5 "Ile de France" in bare metal scheme
  • EC 2/10 "Seine" in bare metal scheme
  • EC 2/12 "Cornouaille" in bare metal, camo, and dark camo schemes
  • EPNER (French Air Academy) in bare metal scheme
  • Lt Laverdure scheme (just for fun, after the comic book series)

    There will be a paint kit for future repainters to do export schemes such as Israel.


      There are four models and all the texture sets will use them except the EPNER version which was an unarmed plane.  The external configurations are:
  • Clean
  • Tanks
  • Tanks with Sidewinders
  • Tanks with Matra missiles

  • Other possible configurations may include Clean with Sidewinder, Clean with Matra missiles, and there may also be a version with bombs.

    Additional images and information are available at the forum
    as well as a
    post-release review at

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