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  Mirage III/5
  by Mark Harper

  (Previewed October 2007)

It has been a couple of years since a new, from the ground up, Mirage has been released.  Mark Harper, modeler and texture artist, will soon be releasing, through Skysim, a Mirage set based around the Mirage IIIE airframe.  I've been involved with this project since discussions first took place at the beginning of the year (2007).  Several others are involved as well and as you can tell from these first images below and others I will add as it progresses, it is a true labor of love.

      When Mark first asked what Mirage he should consider making I suggested the IIIE.  Using that airframe as a starting point he would be able to make all of the versions that grew from it including the reconnaissance versions and the Mirage 5 series -- and everything that evolved from that.

Proposed versions include:
  • Two IIIE (EC 3/2 "Alsace" (above) and EC 2/4 "La Fayette")
  • RAAF IIIO (top)
  • Mirage 5F EC 3/13 "Auvergne" (below)
  • IAI Nesher S (right)
  • and a couple undecided IIIR/RD operators.

          Several external loads are planned as well.  So far in the beta copies Mark has sent I have seen 500 litre supersonic tanks (both bolted on and finned jettisonable style), 1700 litre tanks, RPK-10 fuel/weapon carriers, Matra Magics (both live and practice), and an AN-52 nuclear device.

    The cockpit is getting a similar amount of attention and versions for the principal models -- Mirage IIIE (shown here), Mirage 5, and Mirage IIIR -- will be included.  Every operator's local modification cannot be reproduced but these will be excellent representations and quite convincing.       

    Just a quick update.  Work continues to make the aircraft set fully compatible with FSX as well as FS9.  Mark has "narrowed" the included aircraft down (as of mid November 2007) to the following:

  • Mirage IIIE of EC 3/2 "Alsace" with 500 litre tanks and Matra Magics
  • Mirage IIIE of EC 3/2 "Alsace" with 500 litre tanks
  • Mirage IIIE of EC 2/4 "La Fayette" with 1700 litre tanks, nuclear bomb and ECM pod
  • Mirage IIIO of RAAF 75 Sqn with with finned 500 litre tanks and Matra Magics
  • Mirage IIIO of RAAF 75 Sqn with with 500 litre tanks and Sidewinders
  • Mirage 5SDE (Egypt) with 500 litre tanks and Sidewinders
  • Mirage 5F of 3/13 "Auvergne" with 500 litre tanks and bombs
  • Mirage 5F with 1700 litre tanks
  • IAI Nesher with with finned 500 litre tanks and Sidewinders
  • Mirage IIIRD of CEAM with 500 litre tanks
  • Mirage 5BR (Belgium) with 1700 litre tanks
  • Each sub-type; Mirage IIIE, Mirage 5, and Mirage IIIR will have an accurate instrument panel unique to that model.  Here are some additional images.

    Mirage IIIE, EC 2/4 "La Fayette"

    Mirage IIIO, RAAF 75 Sqn

    Mirage 5SDE, EAF 69 Sqn

    Mirage 5F, EC 3/13 "Auvergne"

    Mirage IIIRD, CEAM

    Mirage 5BR, Belgium "Mephisto"

    It is now November 2008 -- work continues and the results are incredible.  The package has expanded to include a couple new aircraft.  The cockpits now number three basic layouts but several variations based on the aircraft they are contained within.  Click images for larger view.

    Mirage IIIE - NightMirage 5BAMirage IIIRD

    External loads are no longer defined by the aircraft but the entire collection can now be applied to each aircraft.  Obviously there will be some configurations that are not historically accurate but sometimes "anything goes".  The external weapons and tanks consist of the following:

    Left InboardCenterRight InboardRight
    AIM-9   AIM-9
    Magic R550   Magic R550
    Magic Practice   Magic Practice
    Phimat Pod   Phimat Pod
     500L Tank 500L Tank 
     1300L Tank 1300L Tank 
     1700L Tank 1700L Tank 
    Bomb Rack*/Fuel
    Bomb Rack*/Fuel
     *4x250K Bombs *4x250K Bombs 
     *4x500K Bombs *4x500K Bombs 
      1300L Tank  
      Matra R530  
      AN-52 Nuke  
      Nord AS-30  

    A few pre-release screenshots...  Click images for larger view.
      Start cart not included in final release    

      Start cart not included in final release    


    The package has now been released and many repaints have been made for the the Mirage III and Mirage 5.  A Paint Kit is available for repainters (be sure to read the instructions).

    While helping with testing Jens-Ole Kjølberg has painted the Mirage IIIEZ, Mirage IIIRZ, and Mirage IIIR2Z in the colors of the South African Air Force.  He has also written a history of the types use by the SAAF.  You can read the article and download the textures from here.

    Also have a look at these in-game videos:

    All in-game images by Mark Harper.
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