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  Rafale B
  by Marc Siméon

  (Previewed July 2000)

Here are some screenshots of Marc Siméon's newest Mirage related aircraft, a Dassault Rafale B.  At this time it is painted up as the prototype shown in the image above.  

  The Rafale B is the two-seater version that will be operated by the Armée de l'Air beginning in a couple of years.  Though initially intended for training/ type conversion this version will be fully capable of carrying out the usual range of missions -- air superiority, air defense, air-to-ground attack, and aerial reconnaissance.

The aircraft is a real pleasure to fly and view in FS2000.  Great looking details are the Matra Mica air-to-air missiles, engine exhaust and tailcones, and landing gear.  The aircraft has full moving parts including canards, leading edge slats, ailerons, rudder, and landing gear/doors.  

  There are a lot details in the visual model, even at this beta stage.  The Rafale has some very unusual lines and subtle curves.  They have been captured well in this model.

Header photograph Copyright Avions M.Dassault.
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