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  AI Rafale B/C/M
  by Nick Black/MAIW

  (Previewed September 2010)

Nick Black has come out of his retirement from modeling new AI aircraft with a project that is sure to delight Rafale fans.  Nick and the folks at MAIW have been working on this new AI model and package in the background while they completed the seven part series on the Mirage 2000.  This page will be updated as more information is available.  In the meantime watch a video announcing the project.

      The package will feature both the Armée de l'Air Rafale B and C (left) and the Aéronavale Rafale M (below).

The aircraft model and textures are by Nick Black.  The flight models are by Mike MacIntyre.  The folks at Military AI Works are building the scenery and beta testing the package.      

Saint-Dizier       Scenery for the Armée de l'Air Rafale will include St. Dizier/Robinson AB (LFSI), Mont-de-Marsan AB (LFBM), and Istres/Le Tubé AB (LFMI). 

New scenery is being created for St. Dizier/Robinson AB (left).

The Rafale M is being made in two versions.  One is animated for land based operations and includes an appropriate flight model.  There is also a "wet" version that has a special FDE designed by Mike MacIntyre for fast take-off and landing on carriers and is also animated with a tailhook and catapult arm.      

      A special version of Joel Malliot's Charles de Gaulle carrier scenery, when combined with the "wet" FDE and the flight plans and AFDs Mike is doing for the Carrier, will allow five Rafales to take-off from the bow catapults and land on the main runway deck.

The Aéronavale Rafale M will be based at BAN (Base Aéronavale) Landivisiau (LFRJ) and BAN Hyères Le Palyvestre (LFTH) as well as onboard the Charles de Gaulle carrier.

New scenery is being created for BAN Landivisiau (right).


      April 2011 Update
Some new images have been included in the front page rotation at the MAIW website.  Perhaps we are getting closer to release?

The Nick Black/MAIW French Rafales package was released in May 2011.

FSX Update       July 2018 Update
The Nick Black/MAIW Rafale B/C/M has been converted by Henk Schuitemaker for better frame rates in FSX and compatability with Prepar3D v4.  The package also contains converted DDS textures for all MAIW Rafale paints.

All in-game images by Nick Black/MAIW.
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