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  Rafale C/M/B
  by Roland Laborie

  (Previewed November 2010)

I first became aware of this project when I made a PayPal contribution to Roland Laborie after downloading and flying his incredible Mirage 2000 for FSX.  He thanked me and said he would be glad to send me some images and description of the Rafale as the project progressed further.  So now here is some information and exclusive images on this upcoming release.  Click the images for larger views.

The external models being made will include the Rafale C for Armée de l'Air (at right) and the Rafale M (below) for the Aéronavale.

The Rafale C and M will be released in the same package.  The two-seat Rafale B will be a special package to follow.

  Click image for larger view

Click image for larger view   There will be two models: air-air and air-ground.  But in these two models you can choose specific external tank capacities.

The Rafale M in the image to the right carries three 1,250 liter external tanks and the Rafale C in the image below carries three 2,000 liter external tanks.     Click image for larger view

Click image for larger view   The Rafale M above is armed with six MICA (Missile d'Interception, de Combat d'Autodefense) air-air missiles.

The Rafale C at left is armed with six AASM (Armement air-sol modulaire – modular air to ground weapon) as well as four MICA air-air missiles.

In the air-ground version you can choose also between the AASM (above) or the SCALP (Système de Croisière Autonome à Longue Portée – Emploi Général, General Purpose Long Range Standoff Cruise Missile) as shown here.     Click image for larger view

Click image for larger view   Selection of external stores (weapons and fuel tanks) and internal/external fuel levels is via a display like that shown to the left as well as the Payload function in FSX.

The Rafale will have a Virtual Cockpit and 2D displays. But there will not be a 2D panel.     Click image for larger view

Click image for larger view   Similar to his Mirage 2000-5F project, Roland is the sole modeler.  He is also responsible for building the instrument panel, gauges, and painting the textures.  Jean Pierre Bourgeois (Beegee) is creating the flight model.

In his reply to my donation in November 2009 he wrote, "I thank you for the donation, that really given pleasure more especially as it is very very rare and exceptional!; and this in spite of the 5439 downloads!  Good in any case that will enable us to make a small coffee reserve, for the long nights of winter around the future project Rafale…"

When asked if the Rafale package will be payware or freeware he replied, "It will be certainly payware .... (full time, and too much work....)".
    Click image for larger view

Also have a look at these in-game videos:     Rollus Dassault Rafale Startup
FSX: Start up Rafale
FSX Rafale et Mirage 2000
Rafale : C'est l'histoire d'un break....
RAFALE M solo display extra FSX
RLABORIE - Dassault Rafale FSX

When his Rafale C and M release were taken off the market in October 2011 due to a product naming dispute with Dassault Aviation, Roland had been working on the follow-on Rafale B.  Hopefully Roland's original Rafale C and M and this new Rafale B will be available again.     Click image for larger view

As time has gone by it is obvious that Roland's Rafale will not be re-released.  Rather than toss away all his work Roland has put some of it into his fictitious WASP F1 B aircraft.

Click image for larger view     Shown in these images is the colorful representative of ECE 5/330 at the 2009 Tiger Meet (above) and a more standard subdued overall grey example from EC 1/091 'Gascogne'.

Here is a video of the Rafale B for FSX.

All images from Roland Laborie.
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