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  Dassault Étendard IVP
  by Royale French Navy Design

  (Previewed April 2011)

The Étendard IVP is a follow-on to the Étendard IVM project described here.  Sylvain Parouty has developed it in tandem with the IVM so all enhancements are being added to both.  As with the IVM, flight model testing is enhanced with advice from former Étendard pilot Michel Panattoni.

Three external configurations will be included: clean, 2 tanks (below), and as shown to the right, "Nounou" (2 tanks and Douglas refueling pod).  When the refueling pod is installed the flush mounted camera pod is removed.

An AI version of the IVM with refueling pod will be included in the final IVM/IVP package.

  Click to larger view

Click to larger view   Textures for two aircraft from Flotille 16F will be included.  One in the original blue/white scheme (above) from the 1960's and the second in the final two-tone gray camo scheme with subdued markings worn up to 2004 when the Étendard IVP was retired.

Virtual cockpit of the IVP showing the camera control panel at top center where the gunsight was on the IVM, the six camera switches at the lower left of the instrument panel, and the camera configuration panel on the center panel.  Both the IVM and IVP cockpits have two main variations each: standard and air-to-air refueling (the Douglas pod command panel replaces the gunsight on the IVM or the camera control panel on the IVP).     Click to larger view

Click to larger view     Virtual cockpit view showing the lateral camera sight used to take a photo (as it was done in the real life).  Four cameras are available: front, left, right nose, and ventral belly.  As with the IVM, a lot of work has gone into the VC in the form of improved canopy and windshield elements, seat, texture reworking, etc.  A mist effect has been added on the windshield glass.

The configuration gauge now looks like pages from a flight manual.  In this example the fuel management "page" is used to determine the fuel quantity in internal and external tanks.  In addition to a "cover page" when the gauge is first displayed there is also a "start" page and a "cold/dark cockpit" management page.  A neat idea and it looks cool.     Click to larger view

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