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  AI Super Étendard Modernisé
  by Nick Black/MAIW

  (Previewed May 2013)

After a couple years away Nick Black has returned to the world of Flightsimming and is working on a new project -- an AI version of the Super Étendard Modernisé.  I was able to look at the first beta version earlier and provided some feedback.  A second beta version is being tested now.

      Similar to his previous Rafale AI project Nick intends to make this aircraft compatible with FSX, with its own custom AI soundpack.

For this project Nick is the Model Designer and Texture Artist.  Along the lines of the Rafale AI project Michael MacIntyre will make flight models specifically adapted for land based operations and for carrier operations.      

      With the carrier version Nick plans to release an updated Rafale and an E-2C Hawkeye along with updated scenery for BAN Landivisiau (LFRJ) and the Charles de Gaulle carrier.

October 2013 Update
Nick Black was unable to complete this project but Mike MacIntyre has packaged the aircraft with 36 individual textures for Flotille 11F and 17F based at Landivisiau.  Models with nine different external configurations are included along with the land based flight dynamics file.

      July 2018 Update
The NBAI Super Etendard has been converted for FSX by Henk Schuitemaker for better frame rates in FSX and compatability with Prepar3D v4.  The package also contains converted DDS textures for all MAIW paints (43 included -- 36 Aéronavale and 8 Argentina Armada).

All in-game images by Nick Black and MAIW.
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