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  Mirage 2000C (M2K-C)
  by Metal2Mesh

  (Previewed January 2013)

I first became aware of this project from Herve Etienne, a Mirage enthusiast I have corresponded with for several years.  Herve sent me rendering images of a Mirage 2000 he was working on.  In early 2012 he told me he was now associated with a group called Metal2Mesh and that there was something in the works that I would find very interesting.  Herve has since left the project to work on other pursuits but of course my interest remained.  You can follow development on the Facebook page of Metal2Mesh.

In December 2012 the project was opened to a public beta (buy access to the product before official release and help test along the way).  Needless to say I jumped on board right away.  The images on this page are from the first model made available.  Tim Taylor, the project lead at Metal2Mesh Development, continues to post updates regarding their progress.  The aircraft is compatible with FSX-Acceleration, FSX-Steam Edition, and Prepar3D.  

  "As for accuracy, we have three pilots, two mechanics, and former French Air Force officers.  They are dedicated to helping us go as far as they can."  Perhaps most importantly, Tim has announced that Bernt Stolle will be completing the flight dynamics.  The Mirage 2000C is optimised for performance within FSX along with Multiplayer.

The Mirage 2000C is a multi-role 4th generation fighter.  Designed in the 1970s as a lightweight fighter, it was based on the earlier Mirage III.  "The product is focused on the Mirage 2000C S-5 version.  This cockpit has a slightly darker color and is also the newest of the C variants that is RDI and multicolored VTB/Radar.  We will have earlier and more recognized lighter blue cockpits which I am sure most of you are use to."    

  · Highly Detailed 3D model and Virtual Cockpit
· Realistic Flight Dynamics
· High resolution textures, including Specular and Bump mapping
· High Fidelity cockpit functionality
· Realistic afterburner and wing vapor effects
· Special and military liveries
· Releasable weapons
· 'In Sim' Loadout Manager
· VRS TacPack powered weapon system

It requires the VRS TacPack-powered weapon system (not included) to be installed for use of the weapons, radar and air-to-air refuelling features.  TacPack is available from Vertical Reality Simulations.  When installed, it facilitates:
· 'In Sim' Loadout Manager
· Optimised Multiplayer flying
· Enhanced Ground Power Unit placement
· Included AI Refuelling Aircraft (AAR)


Early images of the cockpit show the amazing amount of 3D detail already included and the great potential for system depth as development continues.

If the F-15E avionics package previously released by Metal2Mesh is any indication, this cockpit is going to be a real treat for Mirage 2000C fans.


Recent additions to the beta model include:
· In-flight programmable INS
· Realistic HUD with six weapon system modes including:
  - Air-to-air and ground cannon
  - Air-to-air Magic II and Super 530D
  - Air-to-ground Matra rocket pods
  - Air-to-ground CCRP
  - Air-to-ground CCIP
  - Buddy lasing (bomb truck)
and synthetic runway display (requires Peter Dowson's MakeRunways utility).

Included textures will represent the Prototype 001 scheme and 15 Armée de L’Air (standard and special occasion) schemes.  Export customer schemes include Força Aérea Brasileira (Brasilian Air Force), Polemikh Aeroporia (Greek Air Force), and the Fuerza Aérea del Perú (Peruvian Air Force).

During the beta test cycle the paint kit was released for testing and there were many repaints created.  Since the official release in May 2015 under the title "M2K-C", to avoid the possibility of intellectual property issues with Dassault Aviation, the number of repaints has tripled.

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