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  Traffic AI and ASSP
  by RFN

  (Previewed December 2016)

The folks at La Royal French Navy (RFN) have been improving their Deck Landing On Track (l'Appontage Simulé Sur Piste (ASSP)) scenery over the years and now it has taken a big step forward.  By adding AI aircraft they have added life to four French naval air bases (Base AéroNavale or BAN) of their RFN Scenery package.  By using the eight different aircraft types off of the French carriers of Sylvain Parouty quite an assortment of French Aéronavale aircraft has been assembled for the project.  We did a lot of testing and learned a lot about AI so be sure to read the included manual (English and French langauge versions as always with RFN releases) if you have any issues.

      Of most interest to this website are the Dassault Etendard IVM and IVP, the Dassault Super Etendard, and the Dassault Aviation Rafale Marine.  Also included are the Breguet Alizé BR1050, Vought F-8E(FN) Crusader, E2C Hawkeye, and the Zephyr CM 175 Fouga Magister.

Everything necessary to make it all work is included in the package.  In addition to the very well rendered AI aircraft, new AFCAD and AI Traffic files, and the operational landing air mirrors and arrestor cables (some specially adapted to certain other developer's bases) are included.  It is a complete and easily installed package.      

      The static models and textures are by Sylvain Parouty borrowed from his Clemenceau (R98), Foch (R99), and Charles de Gaulle (R91) carriers.  They were then converted to AI models by Bernard Juniot.  All of the aircraft are low poly modeled with a single texture for each -- very framerate friendly.

The AI flight models are the work of Jean-Pierre Bourgeois of Restauravia.  The sound files are the work of Jean-Michel Renaux.  The Afcad and AI traffic files are the work of Michel Panattoni with assistance provided by Philippe Jacquot of Occitania.      

      Traffic consists of FCLP touch and goes at the four French Aéronavale bases included in the package.  They are BAN Lorient Lann-Bihoué (LFRH),
BAN Landivisiau (LFRJ),
BAN Hyères (LFTH), and
BAN Nîmes-Garon (LFTW).

Base FSX scenery underlies the new Afcad layers that control parking and taxiing.  Besides default FSX scenery, the files can be used with the appropriate sceneries from Military AI Works (remove the MAIW traffic files), France VFR 3DA, Occitania, and scenery from the RFN website if you prefer.      

      A schedule of flights by aircraft type, location, and decade is provided and all times are GMT.  The traffic files for each aircraft type at each naval air base are independent and can be disabled by changing the file name extension (for example adding .ori at the end of the full name). 

As of March 2017 the package has been updated to include traffic files and textures for use with the E-2C Hawkeye as operated by the US Navy.  At NAS Point Mugu (Pacific Fleet) are VAW-112 Golden Hawks (shown here) and VAW-113 Black Eagles.  At NAS Norfolk (Atlantic Fleet) are VAW-123 Screwtops and VAW-124 Bear Aces.      

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