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  IAI Kfir C2
  by Alpha Simulations

  (Reviewed January 2001)

The Kfir (Hebrew for Lion Cub or Young Lion) is an Israel Aircraft Industries developed fighter-bomber.  The Kfir has been used for ground attack, air combat, and reconnaissance missions.  The Kfir was developed from the earlier Nesher (exported under the name Dagger), which was built using Mirage V plans.  The General Electric J79 engine used for the F-4 Phantom II powers the Kfir.  The first Kfir C1s entered service in 1974.  The Kfir C2, introduced in 1976, was an improved version with advanced avionics, greater weapons load, and several aerodynamic improvements; namely canards, outer wing sawtooth extensions, and nose strakes.  The even more advanced C7 ground attack version began service with the Israeli Air Force in 1983.  Training versions, the Kfir TC2 and TC7, were also developed.

The Alpha Simulations Kfir C2 is the work of Chris Lampard with modifications by Michael Davies.  Like their earlier Mirage IIIB-RV, it is based on the Dagger model that will be included in Alpha's upcoming Jump Jet package.  The aircraft is configured with a pair of 500-liter supersonic (though not flush enough to the wings) drop tanks and a pair of Sidewinder (or Shafrir) type air-to-air missiles.  

  The Kfir airframe design is similar to the Nesher with several improvements.  One of which is the replacement of the Snecma Atar engine with a General Electric J79.  The result is a shorter and larger rear fuselage.  (This version should be shortened a little more.)  The hotter running J79 engine also required the large cooling intake at the base of the fin.

As with Alpha's earlier Mirage IIIB-RV, the aircraft is animated including gear, gear doors, and control surfaces.  As do all download packages from Alpha Simulations' FS Supermarket, this one also includes a panel by Phil Perrott.  Also included are all necessary files for use with FS2000 and CFS2 (a damage profile file and a special effects file for exhaust smoke).    

  The flight characteristics of the Kfir have been described as similar to the Mirage F1 (except during takeoff and landing), though with flaps and slats the F1 should have more agility than the Kfir.  However, that said, this flight model has been described as “right on the money”.  It is very maneuverable and a lot of fun to fly.

The textures, painted by Phil Perrott, are well done with a nice sprayed on look.  For the most part they follow the pattern of the real aircraft (see photo of real 714 at top of page) closely.  The colors used match a widely available 3-view drawing but are darker than they appear in photos.  But they do match the desert scenery textures well.  These are high resolution so details are not compromised.  

Originally Payware, this aircraft is now available
as a free download (panel now included).

Header photograph of Kfir C2 (#714) landing Copyright Israel Aircraft Industries.
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