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  Dassault-Breguet Super-
  Étendard by Alpha Simulations

  (Reviewed May 2001)

Alpha Simulations released their theme package Harrier Jump Jet last month for CFS2 and FS2000.  The included CFS2 combat missions revolve around the 1982 Falkland Islands Conflict in the south Atlantic between the United Kingdom and Argentina.  Most of the key combat aircraft involved on both sides are included in the package with one notable exception.  Alpha has now fixed that with the release of their new Dassault-Breguet Super-Étendard in the colors of the Armada Argentina Escuadrilla 2.
A few weeks ago I was asked by Phil Perrott of Alpha Simulations to send whatever images I had of this aircraft in Armada Argentina colors, especially of the panel.  I was happy to oblige.  The result is a very well done aircraft in correct markings for that period of it's career.  The flight control surfaces and landing gear are animated, including the arrester hook and an extending nose mounted refueling probe.  The base aircraft is equipped with two pylons under each wing...  

  ... and one fuselage centerline pylon.  All pylons are empty -- but not for long.  Using Bill Potvin's MDLPATCHW utility, Alpha Simulations has produced weapons loads for the various missions the aircraft was called upon to fly during the war.  One load (shown to the left) includes Matra SNEB rocket launchers and a pair of Matra Magic heat-seeking air-to-air missiles.  A less hostile configuration simply includes a pair of underwing ferry tanks.  Perhaps the most famous weapon carried by the...

... Super-Étendard during this and later wars was the AM.39 Exocet anti-ship missile as shown to the right.  This successful aircraft/missile combination changed forever the face of modern naval warfare.  Alpha has differentiated their Super-Étendard from earlier Dassault aircraft releases by including an all new instrument panel.  A new exhaust special effects file for CFS2 is included and is very realistic looking.  All necessary files for use with FS2000 and CFS2 (damage profile and new mission files for the latter) are included.    

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  Since my review was originally written, Alpha Simulations has released a second version of their Super-Étendard.  This one was painted by Phil Perrott in the two-tone camouflage scheme adopted in the 1980's by the Aeronavale Francaise.  The Super-Étendard has seen action with the Aeronavale Francaise over Africa, the Gulf, Lebanon, Yugoslavia, and Kosovo.   Aircraft 61, belonging to Flotille 17F, operated from the French aircraft carrier Foch during the Kosovo War.

This is an update from the original release and features a flight model specifically designed for CFS2 (with a virtual tailhook to simulate arrested carrier landings and catapult launch features to keep you out of the drink).  New CFS2 missions include a ship strike mission and three progressively more difficult carrier takeoff and landing missions.  The weapons loads are unchanged from the previous release and include a mix of Matra Magic air-to-air missiles, Matra SNEB rocket pods, and the highly lethal AM.39 Exocet anti-shipping missile.    

  As of January 2002, a new texture set by Y-Raymond is available for the French camouflage version.  The aircraft represented is No. 17 of Flotille 11F.  Owners of the original can use their password to download the new files directly from Alpha Simulations.  This is not just a new set of textures.  The entire model must be reinstalled.

Originally Payware, this aircraft is now available as a free download (panel not included).

Header photo © Armada Argentina.
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