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17 June 2018 - Bertrand Barbé has painted a set of textures worn by Rafale M n°5 of 12F Flotille to mark the 70th Anniversary of 12F in 2018.  The textures are for use with the Rafale by Roland Laborie.

9 June 2018 - In April-May of this year the US Navy and Marine Nationale conducted a joint operation called "Chesapeake" while the Charles de Gaulle was finishing up a 16-month maintenance period.  In early May operations were conducted on board the USS George HW Bush (CVN-77).  Participating were 12 Rafale M from Flotilles 11F, 12F, and 17F, and an E-2C of Flotille 4F.  Bertrand Barbé has painted up textures for a two of the Rafale aircraft for use with the Rafale by Roland Laborie.

27 May 2018 - Mark (Tranquil) Beale has painted textures for the AI Mirage 2000D of Fernando Martinez in markings of the Direction Générale de l'Armement (DGA) worn at the 2017 Paris Air Show.

20 May 2018 - Another Mirage 2000 repaint of EC 2/5 'Ile de France' at BA 115 Orange-Caritat (LFMO).  This one, by Joe Laars, represents a Mirage 2000C in a fictional gray/green tactical camouflage more common to the Mirage 2000D and 2000N.

13 May 2018 - Mark (Tranquil) Beale has painted textures for the AI Mirage 2000C of Fernando Martinez in markings of EC 2/5 'Île de France' at BA 115 Orange-Caritat (LFMO).  The aircraft wears special tail markings for the 100 years of SPA 84 "Fox". (1917-2017)

5 May 2018 - Bertrand Barbé has painted a set of textures for the scheme worn by one of the Rafale M at last month's NATO Tiger Meet held at Poznan-Krzesiny AB in Poland.  The aircraft is n°44 of 11F Flotille stationed at BAN Landivisiau (LFRJ)

29 April 2018 - A Rafale B by Mark (Tranquil) Beale in special 10 year markings of the Aeronautical Technical Support Squadron (ESTA) 15.004 'Haute-Marne' at BA 113 Saint-Dizier-Robinson (LFSI) in 2017.

20 April 2018 - Sylvain Parouty (French carriers) and the Royale French Navy have released v5.0 of their RFN Carrier Gauge.  The gauge supports both 32-bit and 64-bit installations.  The previous analog gauge is still present as well as a "New Generation" version with a glass cockpit style and many more features including vLSO support, catapult steam effect and Long Range LineUp System (LRLS).  The gauge is available for download from their website.  With the support for both 32-bit and 64-bit there are some changes in the way to install so read the documentation.

8 April 2018 - André Chancel of the Restauravia group has made an RFN Icon gauge consisting of an icon bar to launch the the RFN Carrier gauge, RFN Radar, and RFN Flight Plan Tracking gauges from any aircraft you install them to.  Just as with the gauges, both 32-bit and 64-bit systems are supported.

2 April 2018 - Yiannis Katehis Tsetsas of has updated the Mirage 2000B by Roland Laborie.  This new release represents a Mirage 2000BG of 332 Squadron of the Hellenic Air Force at Tanagra Air Base (LGTG).  Ten weapons/fuel tank configuarations are included for a single texture.  Many extras have been added including camera views and external effects.

27 March 2018 - Another Mirage 2000 repaint by Joe Laars.  This one represents a Mirage 2000C of Armée de l'Air EC 1/12 'Cambrésis' from BA 123 Cambrai-Epinoy (LFQI).  The scheme is an unusual two-tone gray camouflage pattern with hi-vis insignia.

14 March 2018 - It has been a slow month but I have found several FSX/P3D repaints for the "M2K-C" from Metal2Mesh.  Feel free to discover them all at once yourselves but I will be adding them to the listings here slowly.  The repaints are the work of Joe Laars.  The first is of a Mirage 2000-5EDA of No. 7 Air Superiority Squadron of the Qatar Emiri Air Force stationed at Doha International Air Base (OTBD).

25 February 2018 - A new 64-bit version of the RFN Carrier Gauge has been released for use in Prepar3D v4.1 (and later).  It is available for download from the Royale French Navy website.  With the modifications to the code there are some changes in the way to install so read the documentation.

19 February 2018 - Restauravia have updated their Mirage IIIB and Mirage IIIC.  The new versions have been rebuilt specifically to operate in the 64-bit environment of Prepar3d v4.  The 32-bit versions for FSX and earlier versions of Prepar3D are still available on their website.  The texture mapping has not been changed so previous repaints will work with these new versions.

9 February 2018 - Arne Ziesmann has put together flight plans for several Armée de l'Air aircraft types including the Mirage IIIE.  The plans are for the 3rd Escadre based at BA 113 Nancy-Ochey in 1989.  The aircraft use the textures by Jacques Capdeville and the AI package by Michael Pearson.

23 January 2018 - Mark (Tranquil) Beale sent textures for use with the " Rafale AI package" by Nick Black and Military AI Works.  Include are three texture sets applied to Rafale C of EC 2/30 'Normandie-Niemen' based at BA 118 Mont de Marsan (LFBM) for the 100th Anniversary in 2017.  Each flight (SPA 91, SPA 93 and SPA 97) is represented.

14 January 2018 - Bertrand Barbe recently sent new textures for use with the Rafale M by Roland Laborie.  The textures represent two of the six Rafale M of Flotille 11F that attended the 2016 NATO Tiger Meet at BA Zaragoza (LEZG) in Spain.

8 January 2018 - While trolling the files at I found a Mirage III repaint that I hadn't seen before.  It is from 2008 and is a photoreal repaint of a Mirage III in Swiss Air Force colors by Campbell Troy.  It is only textures but includes some panel mods as well and is intended for use with the FS2004 Mirage IIIEBR package by J.E. Narcizo.

4 January 2018 - Continuing with the Mirage III repaints by L'iguane, there are four examples this time.  The first two are of the Royal Australian Air Force No. 2 OCU at RAAF Base Williamtown (YWLM) in 1970.  Included are a Mirage IIIO and a Mirage IIID.  The second pair are a Mirage IIIEA and a Mirage IIIDA in Fuerza Aérea Argentina colors based at Base Aerea Tandil (SAZT).  The aircraft have special tail markings to commemorate the 40th Anniversary of the Mirage in Argentina in 2012 and the Retirement Ceremonies in 2015.  As with previous releases by L'iguane the textures require one of his Upgrade Kits and the original Mirage IIIEBR by J.E. Narcizo.

    1 January 2018 - Best Wishes and Happy New Year to All!

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