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15 February 2019 - Philippe Wallaert has made an update to the Rafale C package by Cyril Pioffet.  The original FS2002 package has been updated for use with FSX and up P3Dv3 (so 32-bit only).  Instrument panel options for standard or widescreens are included.  The flight model is very smooth and responsive.

7 February 2019 - Jens-Ole Kjølberg has painted up several texture sets for the M2K-C (Mirage 2000C) by Metal2Mesh.  The first two represent Mirage 2000H aircraft of the Indian Air Force.  One in a pre-delivery scheme without insignia and a second assigned to the 40 Wing stationed at Gwalior/Maharajpur AFS (VIGR).

30 January 2019 - Another set of Mirage 2000 textures by saibot_20194 this time.  Two sets are included and represent the red/white/blue schemes worn by Prototype-02.  The textures are for use with the Mirage 2000C by Metal2Mesh.

19 January 2019 - New textures for use with the Mirage 2000C by Metal2Mesh have been made by saibot_20194.  The first set, referred to as grey, represents the Mirage 2000-04 Prototype in the unpainted metal scheme.

12 January 2019 - I'm admittedly pushing the boundaries of "Other Mirage" with this one.  Thomas Roehl has been modifying the FSX/P3D Falcon 20 of Arild Elverum.  One of his modifications has been to add the radome of a Mirage F1CR to make a Falcon 20 SNR used as a training aircraft by the Armée de l'Air.  This is similar to the Mystère XX SNA described for us by Michel Gérard.

5 January 2019 - Joe Laars painted a Mirage 2000C of Escadron de Chasse 1/2 'Cigognes' in a unique Air Superiority Blue (ASB) scheme.  EC 1/2 was the first Mirage 2000 unit and operated the Mirage 2000 from BA 102 Dijon-Longvic (LFSD) but is now stationed at BA 116 Luxeuil Saint-Sauveur (LFSX).  The textures are for use with the Mirage 2000C by Metal2Mesh.

    1 January 2019 - Best Wishes and Happy New Year to All!

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